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GLI ARCHI- Azienda agricola - Our oil

gli archi
olio extravergine
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The extra-virgin olive oil of "Gli Archi" result from the passion, attention and care of the details in a land rich of genuineness and great tastes.
Besides the wines "Gli Archi" is given to the production of the extra-virgin olive oil, fruit of the Tuscan land, that is an unique element of our kitchen which found, in the hills of Pisa, an ideal place for the cultivation of the olives.

All the quiet, the peacefulness and the purity of this land is reflected in a little fruit from which arise a great element: the extra-virgin olive oil.

The oil of "Gli Archi" is an extra-virgin olive oil of an highest category directly obtained from the olive by means of mechanical processes and estratto a freddo.

Its taste is delicate, elegant and unique and particularly indicated for raw food.

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